Jammie Mountz

Software Engineer
Understanding Objects, Context, and Equality

To someone just starting to learn JavaScript, there’s a few concepts that are easy to trip up on – one of them being object equality and understanding them […]

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Javascript Object Instantiation Patterns

These patterns all achieve the goal of creating an instance – a new object – that has standard properties/methods. There’s plenty of visual aids, but this one I […]

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JavaScript 101 – what trips up beginners

Here’s some common pitfalls JavaScript beginners fall into and their clarifications. Object literals: “string.” 9 true Expressions: a combination of object literals with operators (+-*/) You can combine […]

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How to import wp_posts.sql using phpmyadmin

I came across a problem today while working with a client’s WordPress page and the solution taught me a little bit about phpMyAdmin, WordPress, and databases – so […]

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In theory: Refactoring is restructuring your code to be more efficient and/or organized. The functionality of the code doesn’t change. In practice: Refactoring¬†has challenged my usage of git. […]

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Developer Environment Tools and Applications

To prepare us for Hack Reactor, we were given the following as suggestions to improve our development environment. (Thanks to Bryan L. Venable) Slate What it does: Window […]

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Common HTML and CSS Terms to Know

Although I’ve been working with HTML and CSS for a little while now, I realized referring to elements as “these little guys” and CSS selectors as “this thingy” […]

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Before quitting your job, clean and back-up.

I’m leaving a job soon, and although it’s on good terms, I thought it would be a good opportunity to look into how to backup emails and erase […]

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Use Github to deploy, backup, and update your website

Using Github to manage your website means you’ll have versions of the site live, locally, and on GitHub. I figured this would be a good way to easily […]

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