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Common HTML and CSS Terms to Know

Although I’ve been working with HTML and CSS for a little while now, I realized referring to elements as “these little guys” and CSS selectors as “this thingy” weren’t the best way to communicate that I knew what I was doing. Taking some time to move through some HTML/CSS basics taught me all the proper names.

Common HTML Terms

Elements – designators for structure and content. <h1> and <p> are elements.

Tags – the opening and closing signs. <p> and </p> are the opening and closing tags for the paragraph element.

Attributes – properties of an element, defined in the opening tag. Common attributes of div for example are id and class.

Common CSS Terms

Selectors – designates which element to apply style. Can target a specific class or id. p { … }

Properties – come after selectors, inside the {}. Names a quality of the content to apply a value to.

Value – text between : after property and ; closing the phrase. Sets how the property will look.

Type selectors set the appearance for the element type specified. For example, div, a, p. (Low specificity)

p {


Class selectors set the appearance for all elements with the class=”class” set as an attribute. (Medium specificity)

.class {


ID selectors set the appearance for all elements with the id attribute id=”id” (High specificity)

#id {


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