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Software Engineer

Before quitting your job, clean and back-up.

I’m leaving a job soon, and although it’s on good terms, I thought it would be a good opportunity to look into how to backup emails and erase passwords and history.

I’m using my own computer, meaning I am mainly concerned with remote accounts and organization-managed documents.

  • Email Account
    Using a local mail client, like “Mail” for Mac, allows me to download all my mail from my gmail account with POP3. Then you can disconnect the accounts, not allowing it to update, and delete all email on the gmail account. This gives you local copies of the emails and deletes all emails from the remote account.
  • G-chat
    I was disappointed to find that there doesn’t seem to be a sure way to delete gchat conversations. This is a measure you have to take preventively: turn off chat history coming into a new job to prevent chats from being permanently saved.
  • Centralizing your projects
    A good way to save your work can prevent future emails from ex-coworkers asking you where things are. I backed up all my files to Dropbox and then shared them with our Business Account. I made sure to make a separate copy, since I might need access to my versions of the documents AND any updates that are made on the shared folder. Dropbox will save all previous versions of a document and deletions up to 30 days, but having a separate version protects against deletions over 30 days and lets me make changes without necessarily editing the document that my organization sees.

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